Vibe Is Nicer (Feat. Prenda Blaque)

from by The Matrixx

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Featuring Prenda Blaque


[Intro: The Matrixx]

Ey yo Jazzi
I had to do this one cuz you know them times when you just feel like

Staying at the crib
Chilling with the clique
Keeping it legit
And we do it big
Never stopping
Staying at the crib
Chilling with the clique
Keeping it legit
And doing it big

[Verse 1]
From the time you step inside it's like it's
Different from a club cuz the vibe is nicer
Whenever you come yo the time is right and
If you heard about it you're invited, -vited
To this little shindig run by me and the team
Nothing too classy, nah, we keeping it real
We be taking shots, forget the cuisine
Everybody drove, there's no limousine
So you can't be stush, you need to turn up
If you going be stush don't even turn up
But once you get a shot in ya you will be going further
Like asking everyone for kush for you to burn up
Really doesn't matter, long as you do you
You knew this is something that we ain't knew to
So if you have a few tunes that you wanna move to
Just tell the crew to pull um up on Youtube

When we at the crib (The vibe is nicer)
Chilling with the clique (The vibe is nicer)
Keeping it legit (The vibe is nicer)
And we do it big, never stopping

[Verse 2]
We got the people now, what will be?
Turn the speakers up, rock to the beat
Or we mix it up, swap into teams
Flip some cup you know who you gotta defeat
But even if you lose then you winning
Cuz this right here is a new kinda vision
Chilling with the crew who you knew from the beginning
And a couple fresh faces, you don't know who's with um
But you know that every single one of us
Got something in common cuz
This the kinda of party for
People who be on a run
We work hard every day of the week then
On the weekend, we trading our sleep for
Whatever we into, cuz we passionate too
So when we get a chance we turning up the venue
Even after most people leave what we then do
Move on to round two with a select few


[Bridge: Prenda Blaque]
My people done hit me on my cell phone twice
Saying that they're putting something strong on ice
And we don't wanna hear no one's advice
Cuz, nobody gonna live our lives
And we've been waiting too long
Just to vibe to two songs
So if you find something wrong
This ain't where you belong

[Outro: The Matrixx]
Because! We nah no time fi pretenders
Just a have fun, no hate on di agenda
Gwan get mad! Buss a wine pon a fender
Then mix a drink, go be your own bartender
Yo! Tomorrow we nah remember
This party, coulda gwan till November
Di vibe nice, as soon as we enter
We nah stop but the song a go end ya


from Islands, released December 2, 2014
Produced by Jazzi



all rights reserved


The Matrixx Cayman Islands

Born in Jamaica, raised in the Cayman Islands, schooled in Canada. The Matrixx is a rapper/producer specializing in lyrical hip-hop and storytelling with a Caribbean flavour.

His music is always about something, even if that "something" is just a feeling.
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