Trinity (The One)

from by The Matrixx

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[Intro: The Matrixx]
I'm just trying to find the one

[Verse 1]
I need a girl with a voice like Katy B
Got no choice but to love her, the voice is like a dream
You claiming that you hot when you only eighty degrees?
Yo I from Cayman inna, da na nuttin to me
And I mention my dream girl because I gotta tell ya
It's about love, whether music or that someone special
It's missing nowadays because a lot of fellas
Say they love the game but they only want the mozzarella
That's why they spit the cheesiest of verses
Real is from the heart, ain't no way you could rehearse it
Let me demonstrate, send a track and I'mma hearse it
I hope she got curves like she writing cursive
Oops, I'm talking bout my dream girl again
People tell you love like you'll never be hurt again
But I say record, like you'll never be mixed
Then you mix, like you'll never be mastered
You're messing with a master

And I'm just tryna find the one
And maybe we can fall in love
Cuz I'm just tryna to find the one
Them other numbers ain't enough

[Verse 2]
But in the meanwhile I'll continue to search
Continue to, spend some time with these women and flirt
If you don't believe I'mma bring you to church
With verses like sermons I deliver the word
Might spot her in the crowd when I start performing
A quirky little style with a smile so charming
Like Arden Cho or I'm back on the market
Because I'll never settle, unless it's with my darling
You see these rappers though? They can't commit
So when it's time to put in work that's the time they quit, legit
But when I look back I wonder if
I might be the same way in a relationship
Maybe, but I've committed to give myself the benefit
Of the doubt that's lurking and wishing that I'd let it in
Instead I keep my focus on my mission moving steadily
Cuz when you're on your path is when you tend to get the better things


[Verse 3]
Sometimes the love and rap games, they both feel like the lotto cuz
All those other numbers, you know I've seen a lot of um
But I can't spot the one
A combination of traits that makes the thought of not being together bothersome
Brains like Hayley Atwell for example
And a way to make me feel like a beat that found a sample
Cuz we in sync like a band, no need to gamble
That party stuff is good but to make music that'll last you'll
Need something substantial



from Islands, released December 2, 2014
Produced by Tantu



all rights reserved


The Matrixx Cayman Islands

Born in Jamaica, raised in the Cayman Islands, schooled in Canada. The Matrixx is a rapper/producer specializing in lyrical hip-hop and storytelling with a Caribbean flavour.

His music is always about something, even if that "something" is just a feeling.
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