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Storytelling with a sci-fi twist


[Intro: The Matrixx]

Based on a true story

[Verse 1]
He opened the hatch, stepped inside, then he took a seat
Rechecked his calibrations then he look at me
He didn't say nothing but he just, gave me a nod
Shut the hatch, flipped the switch and after that he was gone
One, two, the seconds passed by
And I knew something was wrong cuz of him there was no sign
See he shoulda been back almost as soon as he left
That's how we planned it, in every simulation, every test
If everything went how it should he should be able to find
The girl, save her life, then get back inside
But as I sat there waiting that was when I realized
It ain't always that simple when you travel through time
That's when I was almost blinded by a light flash
And the machine reappeared with a slight crash
I rushed over quite fast
Gripped it with a tight grasp
Pulled it open, then put a hand on my mouth to stifle my gasp

[Chorus 1]
Cuz I wasn't prepared to see her sitting there
Looking just as I remembered, minus a couple years
And I remember thinking, as my eyes filled with tears
If times a straight line, maybe it starts here

[Verse 2]
But that feeling didn't last too long and it was partly
The look that she gave me when she saw me, that scarred me
Eyes so wide, sweat running down her face
Hand on her chest, breathing so hard like she was just running a race
And then it clicked, what's missing from the pic
Cuz she was by herself when it was him she should have been with
This wasn't the plan, the fact is their positions were switched
Cuz he was meant to be right back after the issue was fixed
So she could go on living her life never knowing that she would have died
If we didn't intervene, there was no way we wouldn't try
Now she was here and he was... somewhere else
Soon as she calmed down she told me how the story went
Everytime he saved her she would die some other way, like it was meant to be
Like he was fighting fate
Kept going back and trying till he realized that somebody had to take her place
Sent her away
And then he stayed

[Chorus 2]
And I wasn't prepared for what she made me hear
Cuz he had been my homeboy for almost twenty years
And I remember thinking, while feeling the despair
If time's a straight line, maybe it ends here

[Verse 3]
...Nah! I wasn't having that
Couldn't let this be the end, not even if the fact was that
He sacrificed himself for her, see that was unacceptable
That's why I built this time machine, cuz I have trouble letting go
If he could save her, then I could do the same for him
There had to be a loophole, I'd find some other way to win
We were all gonna make it, if there's a shot then I'd take it
And I was not hesitating, didn't give a fuck what was fated
Or meant to be
Even if it even took a century
Had all the time in the world to find a way eventually
I looked at her and thought of everything she said to me
Trying to find a key to the solution, mentally
But then her voice interrupted my thoughts
She said we have to go and get him back no matter the cost
And I looked over at the machine and gave her a nod
And a couple minutes later both of us were gone

And I remember thinking as we rewound the years
Time's not a straight line, that's just how it appears


from Islands, released December 2, 2014
Produced by M-Lito



all rights reserved


The Matrixx Cayman Islands

Born in Jamaica, raised in the Cayman Islands, schooled in Canada. The Matrixx is a rapper/producer specializing in lyrical hip-hop and storytelling with a Caribbean flavour.

His music is always about something, even if that "something" is just a feeling.
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