This Is Mine (Feat. Prenda Blaque)

from by The Matrixx

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Featuring Prenda Blaque

Intro vocals by Anika Conolly


[Intro: Anika]
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to "Islands"

[Chorus: The Matrixx]
This is my, crib. Where I'm chilling at. (And you can come over and kick it if you want to)
This is my, spot. Where the women at. (And you can get a couple drinks if you want to)
This is my, land. Where I'm living at. (And you can come and take a visit if you want to.
This is just a glimpse of all the things that I can show you,
And it's just your vision that can limit what you gon do)
This is my, Island.

[Verse 1: The Matrixx]
And I hear you
Whether you on a cruise ship or a yacht with a clear view
All your other troubles fading slowly in your rearview
I try to spell it out but nothing can prepare you
For when you catch your first glimpse
Can't take your eyes off as you walk off the ship
I swear it's like a trip
When you take your first step onto dry land
The whole of nature saying "welcome to my island"
See, sun, sand, blue skies
And a touch of cool breeze to take the edge off the high
Because it's like the temp skyrockets when you exit your home
And we the home of hotness, whether women or flows
You see my island got next so it's better you know
I mean we've weathered hurricanes, we be taking them blows
But we stay steadfast never taking a T.K.O
Ain't over, till we say so


[Verse 2: Prenda Blaque]
I'm a bring the hammer down if I gotta tell you again
Got a couple things but none of it's here to lend
Everything is fine from my camera to my lens
So bring a couple friends and come and circle my ends now
We winning this hands down
Even if we just come and dance round
We take it all the way up up up up up
And let it trickle down like a ponzi scheme
Just because you don't see us flaunting mean
That the merchandise not oxi-clean
Know what I mean?
And no we don't give um what they want see
To run with the story like Anansi
Tell them mother, brother, sister and them aunty, zeen
This a message for my team

[Verse 3: The Matrixx]
And you should know this verse is just a tribute to the places that I've been to
The faces that I've seen and all the phases that I've been through
But ain't no way that the could ever change or even influence
The reasons why this place remains my fave, it's really simple
It's home, and that means it stays forever in you
No matter where you may go, it makes the journey with you
Even if it's just a visit, it seems crazy because it's true
The love that's on my island, it gets inside your sinews
And you find yourself remembering the way the people give you
A smile, then say hi, then they wave, then it hits you
Life here just ain't the same as where you came from, we tend to
Work all day like the venue then we play like a Nintendo
We be crazy, loving, sensual and we intercontinental
We got out own celebrities and they saga continues
But we always gon get your visit with all of the things that we promoting
Over and over cuz we knew that's why you coming
But you staying for the day and night life
Hit the spot and take a shot to find a dame you might wife
Watch some drummers in a circle, a play you might like
Dancing on the waterfront is just a day in my life
So, I hold her tight like custody
And try to write the kind of lyrics that get ya to see
That we got so much more to offer than just the beaches
Or the seas
It's just a feeling



from Islands, released December 2, 2014
Produced by Tantu Beats



all rights reserved


The Matrixx Cayman Islands

Born in Jamaica, raised in the Cayman Islands, schooled in Canada. The Matrixx is a rapper/producer specializing in lyrical hip-hop and storytelling with a Caribbean flavour.

His music is always about something, even if that "something" is just a feeling.
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