Letting Go (Feat. Anika Conolly)

from by The Matrixx

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Featuring Anika Conolly


[Intro: The Matrixx]
It feels like
Every single night I be receiving mixed messages
Keep checking the time, you can see what kinda stress I'm in
If you wanna know, well I'll tell you what the lesson is
Tell you bout the rest of it
This is what she said to me

[Chorus: Anika Conolly]
I know that there's a place where
People can live with no fear
And we can make our way there
If you don't ever let go
I know that there's a place where
People can live with no fear
And we can make our way there
If you don't ever let me go

[Verse 1: The Matrixx]
That's what she said to me, said to me
Had her legs wide while she spread for me, spread for me
Next thing I know she be ghosting essentially
Have me thinking maybe she pretends to be into me
After seven days and nights like a sermon
Saw her with another guy, she told me it was her man
Then she said "Don't let me go"
I said "Don't let you go? I don't know where to hold"
So I had to make a choice whether this shit was worth it
And, I had to open the curtains
Look into the mirror and see what the truth is
(Yo) Cuz I feel like I'm losing
Her? No, I'm talking bout myself
Swallowed my pride and put my feelings on the shelf
But the time spent was way too short
Say no more, I had to make my retort
I felt no remorse when I had to resort
To all these underhanded tactics and methods
But when I did that, all I was left was stressing
And I guess that is the lesson
I'm on a mission, no time for confessions
Trying to create something timeless and special
Everytime I go back she say we moving forward
So why it feels like regression?

[Chorus: Anika Conolly]

[Bridge: Anika Conolly]
I'm so into you
I'm so into you
Don't let me go
Don't let me, don't let me go
I'm right here now

[Verse 2: The Matrixx]
But really she was just an idea that I once had
I could never let go, cuz she'd always come back
Sleepless nights into days, there were some that
Had me feeling like I was a genius, it wasn't bad
But time passed and I couldn't get past
The very first stages, I'm losing it fast
Couldn't find a way to turn this vague concept into something concrete
Now I'm losing more sleep
Then somebody beat me to it man I saw it at a show
Not quite the same idea but it was so close
So how did they know, I ain't tell no one before
But it was mine first I ain't never letting go
I get tons of ideas and they gone in a flash
And she was just one but the problem was that
If I couldn't make it work after I let the others slip away
It would be a tragedy, so I had to make her stay

[Chorus: Anika Conolly]

[Outro: Anika Conolly]
I know a place, where we can go
Just me and you, just me and you


from Islands, released December 2, 2014
Produced by The Matrixx



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The Matrixx Cayman Islands

Born in Jamaica, raised in the Cayman Islands, schooled in Canada. The Matrixx is a rapper/producer specializing in lyrical hip-hop and storytelling with a Caribbean flavour.

His music is always about something, even if that "something" is just a feeling.
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