After 5 (Feat. Prenda Blaque & Yung Fusion)

from by The Matrixx

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Featuring Prenda Blaque and Yung Fusion


[Intro: The Matrixx]
The clock is ticking and I'm waiting to finish so I can jet yo
In a couple minutes I'm finna vanish like presto
Hit the speed limit, I'm driven to burn some petrol
Left the side like Esco, this my manifesto
It's after five, let's go!

Cuz when my work done
I'm like a different person (After five)
I put in work cuz
Send me any track that you packing and I will merk um (After five)
Said when my work done
I'm not the same person (After five)
I put in work cuz
Send me any track you think lacking and I will merk um (After five)

[Verse 1]
And when it's that time, I be way too hype
Of my sense of composure, I may lose sight
It's a full moon right when the waveform spikes
I transform into a monster: Werewolf by Night
Terrorize the village, I'm pillaging, killing every evening
The next day when they see me they still don't know the secret
Of how I beat these beats into defeat then repeat
They be to sweet, It's like a feast, so I eat
I'm shanking these riddims like it was prison time
After five I go from Doctor Jekyll to Mr. Hyde
Spitting lines, writing the illest verse and I'm feeling like
Frankenstein. Finish recording I'm screaming "It's alive!"
It's the mic, I don't know what it does
I just know I lose control if I'm open enough
And the moment I let go, that's the moment I love
Cuz in the day I'm Bruce Banner, when I flow I'm the Hulk
Or a sultan cuz no one can tell me nothing
Never disproving my logic, I'm like a Vulcan
And I be bringing the fire so call me Vulcan
The God not the superfriend, that's just insulting
No token black guy, so dope but not high
No smoking that's why, I don't choke when I rhyme
You gon quote my next lines, I don't hold my breath I
Flow so the track's like, "Oh no it's that guy"
You don't know bout that life


[Verse 2: Prenda Blaque]
Wait, unna thought that I had put the rap down?
That's like saying that the shooter put the mac down
That's like saying you heard Mayweather back down
Without stepping in the ring to lay the flipping smackdown
That other stuff I dropped, that was like a year old
Now I'm putting something fresher in you ear holes
Ask Johnny, y'all need to be careful
Cuz you could get burned by things, that may appear cold
That's right, the singer slash rapper
Still don't understand why unna acting like trappers
Then get up in the booth biting lines like snappers
Talking bout flossing, must be talking bout plaquers
I have no intentions to kill bad guys
But trust me I'mma make sure that the hills have eyes
Like they just made a wrong turn, I gon make the song burn
But not like Usher, more like Bone Crusher
Somebody tell the kid where the breadwinner at
So I can take this red shell and lick him off of the track
Have him doing 360s and park with a flat
Then I pull up to the scene and put the coins in a sack
Make it heavy enough to throw a shoulder disk
Then call Kendrick and tell him that the gold exists (yea)
I know they wanna get a hold of this
But uh uh bredrin, we taking the whole of this

[Chorus: The Matrixx]

[Verse 3: Yung Fusion]
Why merk when I can easily disperse a beat
Burn it to the third degree and serve it in a wordy feast
Slice you with a gun, you would swear that I was germanese
Burning herbal trees, man I'm puffing on that Hercules
So I'm strong in the dome, yes certainly
Clouds in my ozone but vision clear as worth to me
Illest with the rhymes like I grew up in a nursery
Died upon a could and had Jesus spit a verse to me
Skinny nigga rap it up, Thundercats to clap it up
Left ear, right ear, I open heads like apertures
Way above your flow, seven levels to my aqueduct
Thought you were the nicest till I'm at the neck of Dracula (muhahaha)
Hope you good at math because I brought this verse to add it up
And function on that "x" between your eyes, calculus
With the mac, from immaculate
I smack you with the back of it
Just reminding all you wack rappers it ain't happening

[Outro: The Matrixx]
Send me any track that you packing and I will merk um
Send me any track that you packing and I will merk-
Sen- Send me any track that you packing and I will merk um
Merk um


from Islands, released December 2, 2014
Produced by Tantu Beats



all rights reserved


The Matrixx Cayman Islands

Born in Jamaica, raised in the Cayman Islands, schooled in Canada. The Matrixx is a rapper/producer specializing in lyrical hip-hop and storytelling with a Caribbean flavour.

His music is always about something, even if that "something" is just a feeling.
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